Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tapporo Unlimited Earning Trick (easy and fast )

Items Required:-

1. Android Device.

2. Reward Code or Referral Code to get

0.25$ for signup.

3. Tapporo App

4. Patience.


1) Download Tapporo App (From The Link

Given At The End Of The Post).

2) Install it in your device.

3) Open it and click on Get Started.

4) Now fill your particulars like name ,

birthday , gender , password , email in it.

5) Click on signup.

6) Now you'll get a popup asking you for

your reward code or referral code, enter this

reward code TAPSK721713

And click +250 oro button.

7) Now you've earned 0.25$ or 250 oro for


8) Use your referrals and make your friends

sign up by using your referrals to earn more.

9) You can redeem your payment via paypal.

You can redeem your payment when you

have 5000 oro i.e., 5$ in your account.

You Can Earn Upto The Maximum Of 25$

i.e., 25,000 oro (Rs.1599)

TApporo unlimited Earning Trick:-

Items Required:-

1) Rooted Android Device (i.e., your android

phone must be rooted).

2) Xposed Installer -

3) Donkey Guard. -

4) Tapporo App. -

5) Patience.

The Best Part Of The Trick Is That You

Don't Have To Verify The Account After

Signup, So You Can Use Fake Emails , Name

, Details or The emails That Doesn't Exist

Like xhdudhdh@sjsj.xnu etc etc

Common Sense:-

Goto Settings > Security setting, check (mark)

unknown sources there.


1) After downloading Donkey Guard and

Xposed Installer App, install them in your


2) Now Open Xposed Installer App, Goto

Framework options and click on install/update.

3) Now wait until it installs its binaries and

ask you to reboot your device. When it ask

to reboot your device click on Ok button.

4) After completion of reboot, Open Xposed

Installer again and goto modules, check (mark)

Donkey Guard Option there.

5) Press back and goto framework , press

soft reboot button, it will pop out a dialog,

choose Ok option.

6) After completion of soft reboot, open

Donkey Guard App.

7) Now press Left Selection Key, a drawer

with few options will pop out, choose

application search in it.

8) In actionbar two icons will appear, click on

search icon and type tapp in it.

9) It will show you the matches of the word

tapp, one among them is tapporo, click on

tapporo app

10) Now click on settings of tapporo app

using donkey guard.

11) Click on Identity.

12) Click (x) icon for accounts and read


13) For Android Id and q, click on pencil icon,

choose random option and click on save


14) Now at top right corner you will find a

floppy like icon click on it to save your


15) Now goto Tapporo app and sign up using

any email etc etc and use your referral code.

Repeat the process again from Step 7.
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