Now a days whatsap become most popular in massaging service .Now we can use whatsapp in mobile as well as desktop.And many people want to hack yopur whatsapp data these people may be your friends or family members.Today we telling the trick with which someone easily hack your whatsapp account an can see your personnal chatting and all contact information

How anybody hack your whatsapp:-

1.Hacker take your mobile only for 4-5 second

2. he use whatsapp web on desktop and scan your qr code on desktop

3. now your whatsap account will opened on hackers desktop and he will able to read and share your contact and massages to anyone

How to escape from hacking of whatsap:-

1. First of all go to your whatsap account setting and go to Whatsapp Web. you can check that is your account is opened in any operating system if opened then this will show that your account will opened in this operating system

3.there you see the Log out from all computers option just click on it and now your account will log out from all desktop