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How to hack your windows password by cmd

Today i am sharing hack your windows password by cmd.its just educational purpose..if cannot remembers your password (which you given)pls follow my step given below.I hope this article helping many pc user

1:-Now restart your system and restart time press F8 button continue.

2:-Choose “Safe mode” and then choose “Administrator” account.

3 start à Run à “cmd” Or “command” without quote.

4:-Now follow these command…

  • C:\>cd\ (Press enter)
  • C:\>net user (Press enter)
  • You see that different – different user name Choose any one User account 
  • name suppose that “Reshmi” then type these command
  • C:\>net user reshmi (Press enter)
  • C:\>net user reshmi 12345 (Press enter)

Hack  user account successfully the password is “12345”

ENJOY...........personally tested by me

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