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How to prevent hackers crack any password easily

Now a days everyone have many online website accounts and also have their passwords.IN this post we show how hackers can easily crack any password with simple steps.their are many ways with the hackers hack any password.These are the techniques given below with the help of a hacker will hack any password

How hackers crack any password easily:-

1. SQL Injection is one of them. For this hackers need to hack the hard disk of the server .And which passwords are in plain text these passwords are easy to crack for the hackers.

2. With the help of MITM is very easy to hack any password. With the help of MITM Hackers hijeck the communications between the machine and server.In this also the plain text passwords are share between machine and the server and this easy to decode these password for the hackers.

3.Sometimes you received some links or some mail contains with trojan malware. This trojan malware sends your personal data to the hackers easyly

4. With the help of Phishing attack hackers also collects your personal  data easily they redirects you any fake website which looks like the original website and the hackers recieves your personal data easily

5. Normally hackers find your passwords with your date of birth or another your personal information

How To escape From the Hckers:-

To escape from hackers you need to set your password more strong which contains number,special character and capital letters. This will make the password more strong......

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