Trick to Make Unlimited Fake Facebook Accounts Without Mobile & Email Verification

Make Unlimited Fake Id's In Facebook

First of all go to Facebook.Com
and click on create new account.
Now fill your details like name ,
DOB , passwords etc..

*Main part of trick is here....
in New Tab

*Then Fill Any Desired Email Address
in The Login Box (eg. your name) and
Select Wickmail.Net in Domain

*Now come back on Facebook tab
and enter the fake email address in
email box which we created earlier
(eg.your and Click
on Continue

*Now Facebook will send a
verification code on your fake email

*Open Fake Emalil Tab and click on
Refresh there you will find mail
from facebook click on it and open
the email.

*Copy your confirmation code and
enter it on Facebook to verify to
your Facebook account.
It will not ask for any mobile

*That's it! you have
successfully created an fake facebook
account. And now you can use it
anywhere (eg. for gaana loot)

*Now if you wanna create a new
fake fb account then do follow
above steps again with new fake
email address and enjoy unlimited
fake fb accounts.

After Create 2,3 Accounts it's asking mobile number
For Avoid This issue
change Your proxy every Time

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