Download rapidgator file with oboom

Rapidgator is a very famous data hosting website where we can save our data and files online. and now is a leading website of data hosting. with this website, you can share your any data and files with your family and friends. This is a very simple way to share your files and data with privacy. if you want use rapidgator than you need to pay for this but on the internet on many websites, you may get many methods to use these for free access it is illegal. But we will come with a new simple method for you just follow below-given steps to download rapidgator  account.

Download rapidgator file with oboom

1) Go to rapidgator site from where you want to download.

2) now right-click on high-speed download and copy the link and in the mobile long press and click copy link address.

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e.g of copied link:

this is how it looks

3) Now remove # symbol from last then you get. e.g:

4) Now copy this link and Open oboom website

After creating this is how it looks but initially it is empty

5) Now click on upload file and select remote

6) paste the link and start and wait to get a green folder on your files.

Note Problem in this step:

1**) Folder remains in the queue. This isn't a problem until error 505 doesn't occur. Now 505 means file not found it means the error is in the link itself.

2**) Now if it is showing it in the queue . Then the waiting time can differ from 2 to 3 days depending upon oboom server. This is personally tested and verified by me

7) After waiting time is over green folder appears as shown in the pic below

8) Now click on the folder and press download button to download this button appears on the end of the page


1**)Download links change ever 24 to 48 hrs periodically so even if you share download links it may stop working after this much time

2**) Download everything is one sitting or use IDM so that u can update download links 


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