Airtel New UDP August-September 2015

Steps for this tricks :-

You need Facebook or Twitter
pack. Goto and
activate facebook or twitter
trial pack.

Download Hammer VPN from
Google PlayStore , you can
download APK files from
Google PlayStore using PC
Install Hammer VPN on your
android device
Login to Hammer VPN with
Free User ID.

Now select any Free Server on
Hammer VPN
Set UDP Port on Hammer VPN
from below list
Click on Connect and enjoy
unlimited free 3g internet on
airtel sim
List of UDP Rport & Lport

Rport Lport
53 0
53 49201
53 49202
53 33019


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  1. Which state working

  2. is this working for u ,in TN. And post the sim unblokng trlck(@irtel).

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