Bulk SMS Sender For GSM Phones

Earlier I had reviewed a SMSFrenzy
Tool for sending Bulk SMS
It was Free and good but had it's own
one being it seemed to be unable to
send SMS to Service Nos.
Today we bring forth anther Bulk SMS
sending Tool
Bulk SMS Sender from lantechsoft

#1. The Single Screen Interface may
look very complex to use
but it is very simple to use.

#2. Single SMS can be sent to many
Nos in 1 shot
or Customized SMS can be sent to
different Nos individually
or the Nos & SMS can be imported
from Excel

#3. It is able to send SMS to Some
Service Nos.

#4. Excel interface is constructed
Data from many columns can be
combined to make the body of the

#5. Pause feature available after
sending some SMS
Pause Time and No of SMS can be
adjusted by the user
The Main Drawback I found in are :

#1. First drawback seems it's Price
Tag of 10,000/- Rs

#2. It appears that Simultaneous use
of the phone as Modem, gives problem
when we try to send SMS from the
same Phone

If both are fixed, it could be a great
tool to use

How to use This tool:
#1. Connect GMS Phone to PC via

#2. Refresh Phone List from Btn on
Right top corner

#3. Check Mark the phone on the list
that you want to use

#4. Add Nos/Msg that you want to
send SMS

-- Use "Add NUMBERS" and "ADD
SMS TEXT" Section

#5 Preview them in the Middle of the

#6. Go to the menu :: Tools ->
Change the value - Pause for Minutes
value to 0 ie ZERO
-- This is just to remove the default 1
minute Pause after 10 SMS sending

#7. Finally Press "SEND SMS" Button
to send the SMS

Site & Download Link :
Check if you can get a copy of trial



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  1. Thanks for the blog have information of Bulk SMS services.It is important for business.

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