get any product for RS 20 ebay* (* product cost RS 1- RS 220 )

get any product for RS 20 ebay
product cost should be less
than 220
Hey all, as all of u know that
ebay offer (RS 200 off on order
of RS 220 or more ) is going on
amazing .

How to get Rs 200 off on Rs
220 coupon of ebay ?

1. Give miss call on
02233598576 From Your Mobile
but sometimes difficulties
comes to us when we want to
buy a product which cost less
than 220 ...

so here i am to help u all ...
i will provide u a product with
the price diffecrence betwwen
220 n price ur product .......
EX - if ur product price is rs
156 than i will arranege a
product with price 34
(186+34) =220

now ur coupon will b applied
n u juz need to pay rs 20


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  1. please provide me a handler for android lillpop!!!!

  2. sasi today intha offer work aagutha? inum stop panalaya?

  3. Anonymous11:24 PM

    still working Bro!

  4. how to arrange this difference..pls let me know i ll be thankful to u bro
    do u hv filler link?

  5. i got msg like maxm redemption what can i do ??? are you sure its stilll working???

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