Hack PayTm Account with phishing page

» First Create new Wapka.com Account
nd Verify

» Now login in your Wapka id nd creat
new site

» Then click on Admin mode nd >WML/
XHTML Codes nd Copy Html Codes [1] to
[6] Its Paytm HomePage codes nd Paste
it nd Submit it. Go Here


To copy codes

» Now your Homepage is done new Creat
new Page nd Note new page url and Put
it in Scripts

» Now in New page Put WML/XHTML
Codes Copy (New page Scripts)and Paste
it nd Submit.

» After that Creat Forum nd Note Forum
ID nd Put it in Scripts (New pageScripts
[2]) nd Submit

» Now Doing all above Stuff You have to
hide newpage and forum from users to
hide thatClick on Users >Items Visibility
>Nd tickon Newpage nd forum Set it X-
Admin mode .

That's All your PhIshIng lInk done Its
look like paytm.

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