How To Allow Only Selected Device To Connect To Wifi Network

Steps To Allow Selected Devices To Get
Connect On Wifi:

1. First of all you need to connect your
PC to wifi network where you want
to implement this.

2. Now in your Web browser, enter the
router's IP address,that will be either or by default or
you can get it by entering ipconfig
command in CMD.

3. Now enter the username and password
of your router connection there.

4. Now there in router settings go to
Advanced > Wireless Settings.

5. Now there click on Setup Access
List to open the Wireless Card Access

6. Now click on add button to add the
device to connect with wifi.

7. Now you will be entering the MAC
address and name of device that you
want to allow on that network.

8. You can get the MAC address of your
Android in About Phone in Settings.
And in PC you can find it in by
entering ipconfig /all in CMD and
note down the Physical address.

9. Check the Turn Access Control on.

10. Thats it you are done, Now only the
selected device will be allowed to
connect to the wifi network.

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