[Renewal Trick] Tunnelguru in Demo Server

Now trending is the Airtel DNS
trick. Tunnelguru has the easy
interface that provides DNS
tunneling . It provides 150mb/
day for Free users and
unlimited for Premium users .
Premium accounts are now
blocked for sharing with
multiple users. So , I give you
the Renewal trick to use it
similar to Premium.

* First make your own account
if you haven't got your own -

* Now connect to Demo DNS
server [Deal with Server Full

* When it get connected , use
completely till 150mb

* Now , connect to ICMP Demo
server and wait till it

* Now your Trail Data is

* Now you can connect with
DNS Demo server again
You can use this Trick many
times for Renewing Trail Data.

* Note - Don't Disconnect
Tunnelguru during the active

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