Vodafone unlimited 3G BBM trick

Vodafone 3G Enabled Sim card
.Maintain main balance of Re.1 , Data Pack
Required .
.Apn: check attachment
Its working in WB Voda sim....
I'm ur state

Requirement & Features :-
- Maintain the main balance is 0.
- High speed
- No speed capping

How to Use :-
1. BBM pack required for this trick. (Recharge
any bbm plan , i tested in rs44 bis plan &
sms ACT BIS44 to 111 for 3days.)
2. Connect with 9301 UDP port on PD-Proxy
3. Use APN- blackberry.net
4. Now you have Done all the process Just
connect Your Modem and Pd- Proxy
4. Done :-)
For Mobile users : you can use Finch Vpn or
other App.

Note: sometimes bbm pack not activated
fully so try it on blackbry phone to activate
this plan then put it on android mobile and
change imei , even i was failed in 1st time
but in 2nd time sucesfully activated and
enjoy this trick

credits:- Rahul

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