Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength At your Home

Easy Ways to Boost Wi-Fi
Strength At
your Home And Other Places

1. Place your Router in a
Perfect Spot:
Router placement is very
important which is
responsible for getting
proper Wi-Fi signals. Make
sure that, you must
definitely place the router
near the center of your
house so that it broadcasts
the signals out in all
directions with equal
strength. Don't place the
routers within a closed room
or behind the the TV cabinet
or walls. This is because, if
the router is placed behind a
wall, it blocks some signal
that eventually results in
bad signal strength. If you
want the best signal, you'll
need to place it in the open,
free of any walls and

2. Lift the Router off the
If you want better signals,
you need to lift your router
up off the ground. If you
place your router on the
ground, the signals can't
penetrate from some
materials which with the
floors are made up of such
as metal, cement and
concrete. Generally, most of
the routers are designed in
such a way that they
broadcast the Wi-Fi waves
slightly downwards. So, if
you place it on the ground,
then you're projecting the
signals towards the ground.

3. Keep the Router away
from other Electronic
Electronics such as
Television, remote controls,
computers, Security alarms,
cordless phones ,
microwaves and any other
device which has a motor
within it can interfere the
Wi-Fi router's signals. Even
one router can cause
interference to other
routers. So, always keep
your router away from the
other electronic appliances.

4. Point the Antennas in
Different Directions:
Usually, Routers have two
antennas and some others,
we can see more than two
antennas in them. If you
place the antennas in
different directions, the
signals can spread across
the house equally so that
you can get good Wi-Fi
signal strength.

5. Measure your Wi-Fi
Signal Strength:
Whenever you find that your
networks in not working
properly, then you can
measure your signal
strength using some
applications which are
available to download them
on your phone. There are
many apps available that
can be downloaded on your
mobile phone so as to
measure your Wi-Fi Signal
Strength. You can download
the apps and easily measure
your Wi-Fi signal strength
through your mobile device


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