Hack iOS9 : How to Access Private Contacts and Photos Without a Passcode

Here's the List of Steps to Bypass

You need to follow these simple steps to
bypass passcode on any iOS device running
iOS 9.0:

1. Wake the iOS device and Enter an
incorrect passcode four times.

2. For the fifth time, Enter 3 or 5 digits
(depending on how long your passcode
is), and for the last one, press and
hold the Home button to invoke Siri
immediately followed by the 4th digit.

3. After Siri appears, ask her for the

4. Tap the Clock icon to open the Clock
app, and add a New Clock, then write
anything in the Choose a City field.

5. Now double tap on the word you
wrote to invoke the copy & paste
menu, Select All and then click on
" Share ".

6. Tap the 'Message icon in the Share
Sheet, and again type something
random, hit Return and double tap on
the contact name on the top.

7. Select Create New Contact and
Tap on Add Photo and then on
" Choose Photo ".

8. You'll now be able to see the Entire
photo library
on the iOS device,
which is still locked with a passcode.
Now browse and view any photo from
the Photo album individually.


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