How To Copy Text From Facebook Application To Clipboard [Top Methods]

Many time i wish to copy some post or status from
FB app and want to share it on Whatsapp but
Facebook app does not allow you to copy text from
Android or Iphone app. So it is irritating some time,
you can not copy status and if you have some
important information then you have to either type
it again or switch to desktop version of Facebook.

There are many method to copy text from Facebook
on Android and Iphone. Lets start from simple

Method 1 : The simplest way to copy text from
Facebook on Iphone or copy text from Facebook on
Android is by using mobile browser. Just Open
your Mobile browser and log in to Facebook in it.
Now you will able to copy any text from Facebook
and this method works for all Android, Iphone or
Windows Phone.

Method 2 : Another method to Copy paste text from
Facebook App on Android and Iphone is by
installing apps that allow you to copy text from
other apps. Both Iphone and Android had such

Copy Paste : This is an Android App to Copy text
from any application and paste it in "Copy Paste"
clipboard with single click.

FBcopyTXT : It is an Iphone or IOS app that allow
you to copy text from Facebook app on iPhone.
With long press gesture you can copy text from
facebook app.

Method 3 : This method requires Facebook
Messenger App to copy paste text from Fb app. So
to use this method first install the FB Messenger
app in your Android or iPhone.

1. Now Open your Facebook app on your Android
phone or iPhone. Chose the post that you want to

2. Now tap the share button below the post.

3. Now again Click on Share. Now tap the " Copy
Link to Post " option.

4. Now open your FB Massenger app and start a
new chat for yourself. Now paste the link copied

5. Now Open that link in the Messanger.

6. Now just try to copy from here. I am sure you
will able to copy now.

Now you can paste this copied text to anywhere,
like you want to share on Whatsapp with your friend
or want to make its note.

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