How To Redirect your blogger domain to for save Alaska Rank

Google had applied some changes to blogger blogs and their policies after SOPA and PIPA problems arose so what the thing was done that all your Blogger Blogs were redirected according to your country so if you are from India and your blog was something like and now if people come to your blog from India they will be redirected to your another blog that's

So that affected Alexa rankings and many backlinks and other stuff so overcome that we found an interesting script that can redirect your Blogger blog back to .com domain name. Its easy to use and steps are below for you to follow and apply it to your blog.

Steps for Redirecting your .in Blogger Domain to .com :

1. Go to and
Login to your Account and
navigate to Template > Edit

2. Now find
tag and
than paste the below code
right above it.

window.location.href =

Alexa Rank Blogger

3. Now Save your Template
and that's it done. Now the
above code is only for the
Indian Blogs means those
are redirecting to .in domain
if you are in another country
and you want your Blogs to
redirect from your country to
.com just change the code
lines above.

window.location.href =
(' ','');

4. Now the above code is for
Australians so you just need
to change the domain name
which is bolded according to
your country just find all the
URL Google it, now change it
and paste the code.
Now try refreshing your blog
and you will see that how
your blog is automatically
redirected to .com domain
name, have fun enjoy

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