Unroot Your Android Phone Without Pc/Desktop [Fast Method]

How to Unroot Android Devices without

1. First, go to the PlayStore from your Android
device and install the app called Root Browser

2. Next, open the app and navigate to 'system' >

3. Scroll down until you find the file named 'su'.
Press and hold on the file and you'll get a pop
up menu. Select 'Delete' from that menu. In
case if you don't find the file 'su' in the 'bin'
folder, then skip to step 4.

4. Navigate to 'system' > 'xbin' and delete the 'su'

5. Once you have deleted the 'su' file, go back to
'system' > 'app' folder and delete the file
named 'Superuser.apk '.

6. Finally, restart your mobile device.
That's it! You've now successfully unrooted your
Android phone without using a computer.

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