How To Create Own Working Cgi Proxy & Frontquery

Want to create CGI Proxy without limit in bandwidth and visiting sites and enjoy anonymously surfing by hiding IP as other CGI Proxy sites in the market allows surfing with lot of restriction in bandwidth and during limit.

Now you are going to create CGI Proxy sites in less than an hour

First thing you have to do is to search for the web hosting site that supports


2. File upload size limit should be above 500kb.

3. Support free sub-domian or a registered domain.

I recommand few hosting sites which will be good to work with


Now you have to register with any of the above webhosting sites
After registering process is completed, Download my Modified Script or the original script from

Now you have registered with webhost. Now, check your email which you have got from webhosting that including your account details...

Login into your webhosting site with username and password.

Goto CPanel.

Now you have to upload the file which you've downloaded above using FTP client software like Filezilla, SmartFTP, FreeFTP

Another easy way of uploading file online and install the scripts is by usind this site..

Select the folder and upload the file in the directory in which you want..

All is DONE now, Just visit the URL .

Another easy way to create a CGI Proxy Automatically by providing the Website URL, FTP username, FTP password, FTP Server, FTP Path,Perl Path,Perl CGI Extension..

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