How to Hack Any Account By Bypassing Mobile Verification 2017

Step 1: Fire-Up Kali:

  • I hope you know how to hack android and
    gain access to it, if not follow my guide:
  • I am hacking on WAN, so the meterpreter
    would be like this:

    Step 2: Meterpreter:
  • After the Meterpreter Prompt shows up,
    leave it there.
  • Open up a browser, goto ,
    Enter the Victim's E-Mail address.

  • Click on Need Help?
  • Choose I don't know my password, click Continue

  • Now, Click I dont know

  • At last, Click Continue

    Step 3: Onto Meterpreter Again:
    Oops I forgot that Before Clicking that last
    continue you should go onto meterpreter and
    check that, for how much time the phone has
    not been used(is idle), you can do that by
  • idletime
    idletime command does not work on
    android, so you cant tell if the user is using
    the phone currently or not. (However there
    are other complex ways. like checking RAM
  • But nevermind we will continue to exploit
    and take the risks .
  • Type : dump_sms to gather/dump all the
    messages to root folder.
  • (You can also type: dump_contacts for
    further exploitation)

    Step 4: Done...Almost:
  • Goto the root folder of Kali and open the
    .txt file where all the messages had been


    Step 6: Delete the Message:
    Nope, You cannot delete the message until the
    hacked phone is rooted .
    If rooted type: delete data/data/

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