Trick To Hack Someone Whatsapp Account Easily [October-2015]

Hello Friends,
Here is The New Working Method For Hack Someone
Whatsapp Account, It's Working 100% Now,Tested by me Today

Spoof Mac address
Spoof mac address is one
of the best hacking tricks because it works
almost 99%. In, this tutorial, you just need the
victim's Android mac address and change your
Android device mac address with your friends
Android's mac address.

Mac Address The Media access Control
(Mac) address is a 12 digit unique character
which is assigned to a specific piece of
hardware as the WiFi device and Network

How To Do it
1. First, get your friends Android mobile. Then,
go to Settings > About > Mac address. And then
note down the mac address.
On Your Android Device

2. Now, Uninstall WhatsApp on your Android

3. Now, Root your Android Mobile.

3. Download and Install Busy Box to your
android device as usual. click here

4. Now again Download and Install Terminal
emulator as usual. click here

5. Then, Launch Terminal Emulator as usual on
your Android device.

6. And, then type $su and now hit Enter .

7. Now again type the below and then hit Enter.
This will show you mac address for your

$busybox iplink show eth0

8. Now again, type the following command,
$ busybox ifconfig eth0 hw

9. Replace, XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX with you
friend/victim's Android mac address which
noted down in first step.

10. Now, you have successfully changed your
Android device mac address. Now, you can
confirm this by typing the following command,
$ busybox iplink show eth0

To Install WhatsApp Account with Victim's phone

11. Now, Go to Play Store and Install WhatsApp
12. Then, Enter the victim's phone number
instead yours.
13. Now, WhatsApp will send confirmation
message to your friend. Then, once again, get
the victim's phone, and then get the
confirmation message and then enter to your
phone to verify the account and that's it.

Simple Method:-
Spy Software
The another way is to access
someones WhatsApp account. Here, you no need
to root your mobile neither face any technical
wizard. There are a ton of spy software
available on the apps market. On which, my
favorite is Here , which is almost free. The
features include, Track call history, spy call
recording, track WhatsApp messages, Spy text
messages remotely, 100% undetectable and free

1. First, Make a free account click here
2. Now, Install InoSpy on the victim's Android
phone. It will take only a few second.
3. Now, You have successfully set up spy.
4. Just, Log in to your account. You will get all
history call logs, messages etc.That's it.

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