Hack Windows 7/8/10 Passwords From Linux Ubuntu

In this tutorial, we will hack Windows 7,8,10
passwords using Ubuntu (Linux OS), this tutorial is
easy and we just need Ubuntu or any other Linux
Distro. Using this method we can hack any live OS's
password no matter if it's Windows 7, 8 or 10. We
have tested this method in Windows 7 & 8. Let's start

Step 1: Boot CD/DVD/USB of Live Ubuntu
Insert CD/DVD/USB into PC and reboot your computer.
Start your Live DVD/CD/USB. You may need to go into
the BIOS screen and boot it from there if the boot
screen doesn't appear itself. You can do this by
pressing F12 (Boot Menu).

Step 2: Find the way to Sys32
Now that your Ubuntu OS is started navigate to %
windir%/system32/. You can find Sys32 in the Drive
(Hard Disk Drive) you already installed your Windows
7,8 or 10, for example if you have installed your
Windows 7 in C: drive; open it and go to Windows
folder then look for System 32 folder open that.

Step 3: Rename Sethc.exe
Now search for "Sethc.exe" and rename it to

Step 4: Rename cmd.exe
Find and rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe

Step 5: Shut Down Linux & Reboot Windows
Logout, remove DVD, and reboot into Windows.

Step 6: Get CMD Prompt to Modify Administrator

When login page appears, press and click your shift
button continuously now you will see Command
Prompt (CMD) running. The good thing happened

Now look to the login page and note the Administrator
name for example the Windows Administrator name is
"Aimal". Now type this in CMD without quotes: "Net
users Tricksglobal 123" hit Enter button.

You will see that the command successfully executed.

Final Step: Exit CMD and now go to login page and
type "123" because that's our new password. Feel free
to change the password to your wish

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