1. Rooted device only jellybean nd ics
android .
2. DroidVPN 2.1W(the latest version)
3. Terminal Emulator.

Steps To Use
1. Download and install Terminal Emulator - Download Terminal Emulator Here
open Terminal Emulator and
type su and click enter
give root permission

2. Download and install DroidVPN 2.1w - Download Here

3. Try connecting ur droid vpn

4. Wait until successfully connect

5. After successfully connected minimized
the application or press the home button. goto Terminal Emulator.On terminal
Emulator type ping and click enter press nd hold ur taskmanager nd
swipe away droidvpn, now go to ur running
services by clicking settings>apps>running
nd stop droidvpn service,note if u do so u
will see a notification that droivpn

note: Let the terminal emulator run in
background(do not exit terminal emulator)
and do not close the
droidvpn by going to the main application
(droidvpn) nd clicking exit. just kill it using
task manager in running service nd swiping
it away as i xplained above.

8. Done! now again press home button and
surf anything u want dis is d trick weneva u want to
download heavy files like 1gb wen u
download up to abt 70-80mb off ur data
immediately nd on it back again open
droidvpn nd click connect again den close it
as i xplain earlier,kip on doing dis process till
u download ur 1gb above file.

Let ur download nt exceed 80mb but i prefer
70mb for safer use.
How To Bypass Droid Vpn 100Mb Limit,
How To use unlimited Droid Vpn

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