How to Use one Whatsapp Account in Two Mobiles [Working Method]

Requirements Before Use This Guide
  • Rooted Android Phone
  • Titanium Backup Apk â€" Download Now
  • Normal Whatsapp or Any other Whatsapp like
  • Whatsmapp or Whatsapp + or Ogwhatsapp etc,
    whatever version you use.
  • Working Internet Connection.

    Features of This Guide
  • Working Awesomely, no issues at All.
  • Can Send Messages from Both Android Phones.

    Some Bad Things About This Guide
  • If you want to receive SMS, then it will receive SMS in
    only one phone randomly, you can’t read Messages
    from Both Android Phones, Sometimes message
    delivers on both phones, & sometimes only on Single

    How To Install & Use One Whatsapp Account on Two
  • At First, Make Sure you have rooted android Phone, &
    Titanium Backup app Installed in your Both Phone, If
    you have these 2 Things Ready, Then you can
    proceed to next steps

  • Make Sure, you have Already Installed Whatsapp
    account on Both Android Phones already, & Logged
    in with account in one phone, which you want to use
    on 2 Phones.

  • Then, Open Titanium Backup app from your App
    Drawer, Click on Search Button & Type Whatsapp in it.

  • Now, After that it will show you results ion list, Just
    Click on Whatsapp from here & proceed to next steps.

  • Now, Click on Backup option from here, because it
    needs to backup your Data & It will take some time
    about 30 seconds maximum, depend on Phone’s

  • Now, Goto File manager, Open Titanium Backup
    folder , which will be in your Memory card or internal
    memory (Depend on phone)

  • Now, You will see some files here, Look at the file
    names, which starts from name â€" com.whatsapp

  • there will be 3 files, Now Transfer those 3 Files in
    Another phone, in which want to Install same

    Note â€" you can transfer files via Bluetooth in 2 phones.

  • Make Sure, you Copied those 3 files into Titanium
    Backup folder in another phone

  • Open Titanium Backup app on 2nd phone, & search
    for Whatsapp & Click on it (Make sure you have
    already installed whatsapp in your 2nd Phone)

  • Now, Click on Restore Option & Select App + Data
    method, or select only data restore, here i am using
    only data restore method.

    Note â€" If you are using only data restore method , then make sure you have same version of whatsapp
    installed on both of the Devices

    Now, Just After Restore Data, Open Whatsapp in 2nd
    Phone & Boom ! It will open your Whatsapp account ,
    which you was using on your First Phone.

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