Earn 1$ To 5$ per Day From Linkshrink [earn money when sharing links on internet]


1) First of all Create a Fresh Account in LinkShrink From Here

2) Now simply go to your account tab paste any link (url) in the Shrink Url Tab

3) Now your url is shrink ( shorten ) now just paste that url in your own website or blog.

4) If you have no website or blog, then paste your link in the social media websites like facebook, twitter, google+ or even in the whatsapp.

5) Now more the page views of your link, more the money you will get.


1) Find some TV Shows / Movies Group. Look on the internet for latest release movies or episodes of the show and share it. Don’t just share the link but add some articles or review of it. It is more effective.

2) You are lucky if you have a fan page of over 1K followers or likes. We have many pages and it’s how we earn mostly. Be creative. Be sure add # tag if you using Twitter. It helps on the search feature.

3) Share Your Url to USA Based Websites or fan pages. You will earn more then 5$ per 1000 page views. Check Linkshrink Payout Rates For Different Country Here

4) Refer the same to your friends. Yes exactly, you can simply refer this website to your friends and just earn 20% of their earnings without doing anything.

5) If you don’t have website to shorten the link, you can use Tricksglobal posts to make money from it. Just copy our article link and shorten it. Share that shorten url to any social media website to earn money like a boss.

6) Last but not the least, Don’t give up. This is a biggest key to make money online. Never give up for what what you do online. This will increase your earnings day by day, month by month. So keep Sharing shorten url to social media website to earn money faster

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