How Hackers Hack – Passwords, WiFi and Computer from Android

How Hackers Hack – Passwords, WiFi and Computer from Android

ZAnti is a penetration testing toolkit for android mobile phone. This is like a Metasploit of an android mobile phone and performs all type of attacks in your android phone.

Some of the many features of zAnti are:

-Network Mapping

network mapping helps to identify all the devices which are connected to your network. it provides network address of the network, IP address of each device and type of each device is also mentioned. It also tells about the number of ports.

-Password cracking with various protocol support

-Search for known vulnerabilities

-Check for SSL Poodle and ShellShock vulnerabilities
-Perform various man in the middle attacks
Man in the middle attacks are those in which hacker resides in between the communication path of two parties and receive messages from both ends and forward messages to both ends while acting as a genuine party. Hacker can read and manipulate message according to its need and forward the altered messages to communication parties.

How Hackers hack Use zAnti:-

  • zAnti is not available on Google Play Store. Therefore you need to download it from it official site . Click here to download
  • While on enter your email address in box ,click download and you will receive a download link for the application in your inbox.
  • Download .apk file from link and copy it into your mobile.
  • Install the application and run the application.
  • Register by entering your email address.
  • On the top of the app you will see a refresh button. it will list all the devices connected with your network (network mapping).
  • Click on any device you want to hack.
  • The new opened screen will give you options for various types of man in the middle attacks.
  • It also give you other options like checking for shellshock vulnerability,SSL poodle and advance scan options etc.
There are so many features in this which can easily figured out by anyone on their own once they start using this app. Its a great app for hacking using android mobile phone.


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