How To Download Big Files In Opera Handler - Top Methods 2016

Steps to Follow to download big file on operamini
using airtel Opera setting:-

Method:- 1
1. Open Your Opera Handler

2. Select The Proper Download Link

3. Now long press and open in new tab the
download button

4. Now here is the trick,while opening the new tab,
press refresh the first tab or the page that you
clicked the download earlier, you can see in the
screenshot below.

5. The download menu will appear, but dont touch
or click anything yet, just wait untill the loading in
the second page finish.

6. After the second page finish or done loading,
you can now search if where do you want to save
your downloaded file and Download it

Method:- 2
1. Copy Your Download Link

2. Just Open In Opera url tab

3. Paste your download link in And Go

4. You Can Download big files easily by using this proxy site

Method:- 3
1. Just Open The Download Page And Minimize your Opera
By clicking Home Button

2. Just Force Stop Your Opera Handler

3. Now Open Your Opera Handler Again, save handler settings

4. Here you will see the download page, just click download link Normally

5. It Takes some time to load. but your download will start without showing error

Above 3 Methods Are Working Fine In All Opera Handlers And Mods

Enjoy Downloading Big files...

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