How To Hack Mywapblog Blogs & Websites With Using Android

you can hack any mywapblog site
and any website in the world with
simple application.This application is
DroidSQLi and its for only Android phones.

Download DRoidSQLi injection to your phone

The application support many
injections like Blind Injection,Error
Based injection,Time Based injection.

once you download the
DroidSQLi,install it.then launch it,you
will see where to enter the url of the
site you want to hack(deface) under
"Target URL" and press on "inject

then the application will inject the
site and destroy its time
out,visibility,it will also tell you if the
site is vulnerable(can be hack) and it
will give you the username and
password of the site.

if you need the download link of the
DroidSQLi,kindly drop your email
address and your credit to get the

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