How To Install Backtrack 5 On Windows 8/10 [Easy Guide]

How To Install Backtrack on Windows

What is BackTrack

BackTrack is a well-known specialized Linux distribution focusing on security tools for penetration testers and security professionals so today Am Sharing IT for Tricksglobal visitors. BackTrack is filled with a collection of more than 300 open source security tools, which you can find organized in different submenus of the “Backtrack” menu: “Information Gathering”, “Vulnerability Assessment”, “Exploitation Tools”, “Privilege Escalation”, “Maintaining Access”, “Reverse Engineering”, “RFID Tools”, “Stress Testing”, “Forensics”, “Reporting Tools”, “Services”, and “Miscellaneous”. Each submenu is further subdivided into subcategories.

How to install backtrack on windows 8/10

Backtrack installation is very simple and there are two ways to install it:-
  1. VMware
  2. ISO  (image file)

VMware is useful and easy but may not be a good choice for older computers. for older computer systems ISO image file method is very useful.

Step by Step installation:-


  • To install using VMware, first you need to install VMware. Click here to download from
  • Install the VMware by following the steps.
  • Then you need to download Backtrack VMware image file.
  • Open VMware, the open File –> Open –> VMware image file location. and the open the image.
  • Then use username “root” and password “toor” (if asked)
  • Once you are logged in type startx and Backtrack will open into a GUI.


  • For this, you need to have power iso or demon tools software already installed on the PC.
  • if not then you can install power ISO tools from
  • Then you can download Backtrack ISO image file.
  • you will need a CD/DVD writer software and compatible Drive.
  • Insert a Blank DVD into Disk Drive
  • Use PowerISO to burn ISO Image File on Disk.
  • Then you can reboot your PC and install Backtrack by using the DVD.
Although BackTrack is not the only version of LINUX which can help in security testing and breaching. the new Kali Linux is also a good operating system which can be used for such tasks. Hope this information was useful.


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  1. after download VMware...what will do for blacktrack ? i mean download black track of linux ?? plz explain full

  2. Anonymous5:03 PM

    download backtrack 5 normally...

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