How To Post In Blogger Using Gmail Account With Html

You can publish posts of your Blogger blog using your
email or a mobile device.
But You can't Use Html Codes In Post
Many Bloggers Having Trouble While Update Their Blog With Mobile Devices

Now Follow My Steps:

Open Your Blog -> Settings -> Mobile And Email

Now Choose The Secret Word & Confirm It..!
*Your email subject will be your post's title on the blog.
*The body of your email will be your post's content. The
basic formatting like links, bold, italic etc. in your email
body will be applied to your blog posts automatically
Now Follow My Method To Use Html Codes In Email Post

At First Open Es File Explorer
Create New txt File
Type Your Post Content And Save It As Post.html

Login To Your Gmail Account
Click ComposeButton

Replace The U With h
And Open The Url
It Gives Basic Html View Gmail

To : Your Blog Email
Subject: Post Title
Attachment : post.html (Add it)
Don't Write Anything In Message Box

Now Send The Email And Enjoy

By This Method You Can Post In Your Blogger Via Email
With Using Html Codes
Any Doubt?
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How To Post In Blogger Blogspot Via Email

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