How to use Android Mobile & iPhone as Mouse in Mac OS to move the Mouse Pointer over WiFi

Pre-Requisites –
  1. First of all, Install remote mouse on Mac OS & your phone and get them connected on the same WiFi Network.
  2. Now, launch the Remote Mouse App on your Mac OS , from launchpad or spotlight.
  3. Once you have launched the Remote Mouse app on your Mac OS , it will align at the topbar as shown in the alongside image. The image indicates that the Remote mouse server has started.
  4. Now, Open the Remote Mouse app on your Android phone or on iPhone which is connected to same WiFi as that of Mac.
  5. After opening the app on your Mobile device, it will first scan for the available servers to which it could act as a remote as shown below –
    Tap to Connect to Mac OS
    Here in the list of devices in your network tap on the name of the Mac OS device to connect it.
  6. That’s it , It will now automatically get connected. Thus now you can use Your mobile’s touchscreen as a wireless mouse & trackpad. You can even use the Mobile as Wireless Keyboard.
  7. Tap on Mobile screen for left click, two finger tap for right click, You can now use your Mobile as a Wireless Remote for a variety of purposes as listed below .

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