How to Watch Torrent Videos Online Without Downloading It..!!

After reading this post you will surely need not download the torrent each time you want to watch a movie.As We know that torrent is the only  tool for downloading movies and other  videos. The main disadvantage of torrent is that some links are fake which are very difficult to identify.
The good thing is that some videos do come in with a sample which makes it easier to identify the quality of the main video. If it suites you, you can download it if satisfied
But what about rest?? I mean those torrents that don not come with any sample! How will you identify between fake and genuine torrent. For that I’m going to give you a small trick that works well in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Software known as Torrent Stream(TS)  play torrents online in its original quality without  a need of downloading it. It works same as torrent,based on number of peers connected to us.If the peers are more and internet connection is good streaming will be fast.Or we can stream it for some time to check quality of the video,if the quality is good we can download that film or video using utorrent.
The following steps may guide you in installation of TS Magic player and may assist you in downloading the link and watch the content online and this time without any need of risk of downloading it at first.

Downloading TS magic player:

  1. Download and install TS magic player.Click here
  2. Next is to install browser plug in From
  3. Open the URL of your torrent.
  4. There you will see an option to PLAY ONLINE.
  5. If not then right click on “Download torrent link” and select “View Torrent Online“..

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