Make Your Whatsapp Account Always Online At Any Time Without Any Data

Steps To Make Whatsapp Always Online On Android
1. In your android device go to
Settings -> Display -> Screen Timeout, and
here select Screen turns off

2. Now from the drop down list you
will select the option none.

3. With this your mobile screen will
now never go to sleep mode till you
press the lock button.

4. Now open your whatsapp with
mobile data or wifi enabled and leave
your android as such.

5. As your screen is not going to
sleep and till that time whatsapp will
be running in your device with the
internet connection and the app will
stay online.

Steps To Make Whatsapp Always
Online On iPhone

1. Unlike android in iphone you will
go to Settings -> General -> Auto

2. And like android you will select
the option never.

3. And now leave your iphone with
opened whatsapp with enabled mobile

4. As long as you don't press the
power button of your iphone, your
whatsapp app will stay online.

So above is all about How To Make
Whatsapp Always Online. By this
method you can easily have fun with
your friends by staying online all the
time and fooling them that you are
still on chatting with someone else.

And also you an instantly access any
conversation with the on whatsapp
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