[Trick]AirTel 3G Free Data last day 31-Dec-2017

Guys !

My Promo (4G) Data balance got finished yesterday; and I was wonder what to do next.
I surfed the net for Airtel Free Internet Tricks and came across the below Method to Successfully get 1Gb 3G Data on AirTel for 30 days.

It may give random amount of Data 2G or 3G to the AirTel Number depending upon the device being used to access the offer page :

#1. 500 Mb - If you use a Phone handset
#2. 1 GB - If you use an ordinary dongle
#3. 5 - 10 GB - If you use a WiFi dongle

Don't worry if you get slightly different Data Packs than the anticipated ones.

Method to Get Free Data from AirTel:
Step #1.  Put your Airtel (that you haven't used earlier for getting any Data Promotion scheme from AirTel) Sim in you handset/Dongle

Step #2.  Visit the below page using your AirTel Sim .
Put a small pack on it if you don't have any net in it.

Step #3.  You may see a random data offer for your Airtel Sim.

Step #4.  Click on the "Activate Now" Button to activate the scheme.
Immediately after a Successful validation by the server,
you will get the Confirmation message as below

Step #5.  And within a span of 30-40 Seconds, you'd received an SMS giving you the confirmation message.

Step #6.  You may check the same (ie Data balance) by dialing USSD Code  .
I used the USSD Code - *129*8# - for 4G because I was using a 4G Dongle

#1. AirTel Sim needed
#2. It has to be used to open the given link as shown
#3. Try not to use Opera/UC because they tend to suppress some Scripts and objects on the webpages
#4. You got to have and use some internet data to open the given link.
#5. The Data Offer may vary for different AirTel Nos depending on the Device being used to access the offer page
#6. This Seems to be on old trick/method which I check & found working today.
#7. Hurry !! but Don't Hurry !!
-- Last Day is mentioned as 31-Dec-2016.  (Who know it may change)
-- but I tried it successfully on 30-Dec-2017
--- But Make sure you Try it out quickly before 31-Dec ends

#8. The offer seems to be valid once for a device.
When I tried activating the offer by visiting the offer page , I got the below message.

#9 . It doesn't hut if You too may try to activate the offer multiple Times. iwith a multiple sims on the single Dongle

or try the same (multiple sims on Android phone) by changing Device Id/Anddroid Id .

Hope you vlike this Offer !

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