10 Best Tweaks For Rooted Android Users

Rooted android tricks
Android is developed y google but is distributed by various companies like Samsung, HTC, Micromax etc. All of them create their own android skin and put it on the original android provided by google. this skin includes restrictions, preinstalled apps and various other things. We can remove those skins by rooting our android device. To know more about rooting click here. when we done rooting we can make various changes in our android and few of the best tweaks to try on rooted android are following:-

DPI Changer

This best root app basically changes the PPI or DPI of your screen, according to your requirements. It somehow enhances the visuals according to you to the great level. This app is must have app for users who want to play games on different resolution.

System App Remover

One of the most popular reasons to root your device is so that you can trim out all the pre-installed bloatware foisted on to your system by your phone manufacturer or telco provider.The app allows rooted users to make short work of bloatware, and provides helpful suggestions as to which apps can be safely removed and which ones are critical to system functionality. Additional tools allow moving apps to SD card.


GLTools is a custom OpenGLES driver designed to allow users to tweak the performance settings of OpenGLES 2.0 compliant GPUs and processors. Users can manually configure settings such as rendering resolution, bit depth, anti-aliasing, allowing you to force certain features (or alternatively, disable them) to improve rendering of graphics intensive 3D games.

ROM Toolbox Pro

This is one of the very few all-in-one solutions for root users.With this you can download ROMs, install recoveries, manage your applications, and it even comes with a built in root enabled file browser. Count in the stuff for more advanced users like kernel tweaks, and you have a valuable app for any root user.
Xposed Installer
This is another app which is equal to rooting your phone. This app installs the internal binary to your phone which can change you notification bar looks, your settings, apply themes to your rom and change almost anything on your phone.

Gravity Box

This is one of the best apps for those who want to customize their phone and move it to next level. Gravity Box is basically one of best root app which can work only when Xposed Installer is working.This app requires Xposed installer installed. It can make changes to you phone buttons, add navigation bar, change the notification bar, change lock screen, add wallpaper to lock screen and many more awesome things.

Trickster MOD Kernel Setting

This is a device for tweaking that will support all Kernels on your Android device. This will also let youoverclock your GPU and also combine the functionality of another application in one easy to use application.


One of the most popular tools for rooted phone which totally replace the stock firmware of your device. It is one of the best skin available in android phone. It is also known as developer mode as it provide many features without using extra applications.

Root Firewall Pro

Its an amazing application featuring ad-blocking, prevent data over-billing, save battery life, as well as protect your privacy. It is also available in Lite version.

 WiFi Key Recovery

This application will help you recover the password of a wireless network you have connected to with your device in the past. It can also be used to hack a wifi whose password is changed.

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