Accept All FaceBook Friend Requests At Once [Best Guide] 2016

Tips n trick how to accept all friends request on facebook 2016:

First, open your Mozilla Firefox browser, than click a menu of View => Toolbars => and than give checked the Bookmarks Toolbar.

Second, it will showing the bookmarks toolbars on your browser. On the toolbars posision, click right => and then select New Bookmark...

Third,  On the New Bookmark window, in the field on Name, you can give the name, for example "Confirm Facebook", and in the field of Location, copy and paste the script at below

 After you copy and paste that script, and than click Add.

Until this step, you will see a toolbar with the title is Confirm Facebook. Okay, how to confirm friend request on facebook??

  1. Login on your facebook account.
  2. Open this URL
  3. Need to know, this script will active on the view is open, so if you wanna automatically confirm all of friend request, click More Request.
  4. Click the toolbar of Confirm Facebook above.
Finish, wait and that script will work. Just one click  your friend requests on facebook will confirmed. 

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