Best Whatsapp Tricks And Hacks 2016

Now you might have been thinking that what are these hacks? Are they dangerous/harmful to other?!!

No no…Don’t worry these are simple WhatsApp hacks mostly we can call them “tricks” that are quite awesome, I guarantee that you will like these hacks. I have collected some of the best hacks from the web So let’s get started:
These hacks will work on all versions of WhatsApp, So you don’t have to worry about the update…
Note: All these tricks can be performed on non-rooted devices, So you won’t be having any problem while performing these tricks.

Here are the top 5 WhatsApp Hacks 2016 :

1) Hide the Last Seen (Without Installing any 3rd party app) – (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows): WhatsApp Hacks 2016

  1. Turn off the WiFi and the Data Network of your mobile phone
  2. Open WhatsApp
  3. Read all the unread messages you want, You can also send the message to the specific person
  4. Now close the WhatsApp
  5. Turn the WiFi and the Data Network on, The message will deliver to your desire contact
  6. Done!! You have just sent the message to your desire contact without getting noticed to other. You have just bypassed the “Last Seen” without installing any third party app!!

2) Read your friends WhastApp chats (Even when your friends WhatsApp is locked) – (Android): WhatsApp Hacks 2016

  1. Get your friends mobile and follow these steps, Be careful do not get caught 😛
  2. Download this app on your friends mobile phone:
  3. Now open the app
  4. Create a backup anywhere in your friends mobile phone where the file is accessible
  5. Now open the saved file, Woohoo!!! You can read your friends WhatsApp chat (Even if it is locked)
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3) Read your friends chats (All conversations) – (Android, Windows, BlackBerry): WhatsApp Hacks 2016

  1. What you need is your friend’s mobile phone and more thing “Do not get caught” 😛
  2. Open your friends file manager (Chose the SD Card)
  3. Open WhatsApp > Database and look for these files:mgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt (There should be multiple files)mgstore.db.crypt
  4. Copy the send the files to yourself, Just look for some ideas to get those files
  5. Go to and upload the file/s which you have recently recovered from the WhatsApp database
  6. Done!! You can now read your friend’s  WhatsApp conversation

4) Change WhatsApp profile pictures on your friends Mobile Phone – (Android, Windows, *BlackBerry): WhatsApp Hacks 2016

  1. Take your friends phone (Without getting noticed)
  2. Turn off the WiFi and Data Network
  3. Find some cool funny images on Google OR Make one (Which you want to replace)
  4. Crop it to 561px X 561px
  5. Now Look for his/her friend (on WhatsApp, First check the profile picture) of which you want to change the profile picture. Mainly look for the mobile no.
  6. Now go to File Manager > WhatsApp > Profile Picture > Now look profile picture (image) which you want to replace
  7. Delete that picture and put the funny picture which you cropped recently
  8. Name the picture as the mobile no (Which you looked earlier,  See Step 5)
  9. Done!!

5) Remove Blue Ticks – (Android, iOS, Windows, BalckBerry): WhatsApp Hacks 2016

This is one of the major feature of WhatsApp which have ruined many relationships!! So let’s get started on how you can hide blue ticks on WhatsApp
  1. Get the Latest version of WhatsApp from here
  2. Uninstall the old version of WhatsApp and install the latest version (The one you recently downloaded)
  3. Now open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Privacy > Now Disable the “Read Receipts” option
  4. Done!
The hugely popular smartphone messaging service WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook for over $20 billion last year, has reportedly been found to be prone to hijacking without unlocking or knowing your device password, making its hundreds of Millions of users vulnerable to, not just hackers, but also non-technical people.
This trick lets anyone surrounds you to get effectively control over your WhatsApp account. The attacker needs nothing more than a phone number of the target person and access to the target mobile phone for a few seconds, even if it is locked.
Hacking Whatsapp account in such scenario is not hard for your friends and colleagues.
This is not actually a loophole or vulnerability in WhatsApp, and rather it is just the way WhatsApp is designed and its account setup mechanism works.
NOTE: Moreover, we aren’t encouraging users to hack others WhatsApp account, but the purpose of publishing this article is to warn and remind our readers that you should be extra careful to whom you lend your mobile phone and not to leave it unattended for longer durations with strangers around.
The trick enables the offender to get full control over the victim’s WhatsApp account in no time and the most surprising part is that it independently works on all mobile platforms, including Android, Windows and Apple’s iOS.

Here’s How to Hijack someone else’s WhatsApp Account?

Below are the clear steps to hack the WhatsApp account on any Smartphones:
  • Begin by setting up a WhatsApp account on a new mobile phone using the phone number of your target.
  • During the setup process, WhatsApp will call the target’s phone number and will provide a PIN that needs to be entered for the authentication of the account.
  • If you already have access to the victim’s phone, you can just answer the phone call and grab the code with no efforts. Even if the victim has a lock screen enabled on the phone, you can receive the phone call to get the secret PIN.
Using this known and simple trick your colleagues can hijack your WhatsApp Account easily.

The worst case is with iPhones:

Things get even worse on iPhone if the users have configured their iPhones with Siri authentication for the lock screen, because all the contact details are available to access the Siri’s settings, effectively giving everyone access to their phone number without the need for a PIN.
Thus, if you try to steal the account information of WhatsApp, without even having the phone number of the target user, you can just call your number from target’s phone using Siri.

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