Free Calling Trick for all Network - 2016

Free Calling Trick 2016 for all Indian Operators

Follow the below steps and enjoy Free Calling Trick 2016 to anywhere in India with your mobile phone

1. Give a missed call to 180020802080
2. With in 1 minute you will recive a call
3. Speak with suitable answers ( eg – Tell Your name, Tell the         number that you want to call)
4. You will be connected to the required number
5. Enjoy Free calling with your mobile phone.
Note – The minutes of your calling is limited to 2 minutes. You can only call 2 minutes with one sim card. but don’t worry after 15 days you can do the same.( after 15 days you will get another 2 minutes)
YOU CAN use this Free Calling Trick 2016 offer unlimited times, by using above method [ give a gap of 15 days]

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