Hack Google Play Store To GET All Playstore Apps For Free [Without Root]

Hi guys,

Today I am here to share a brilliant news that now you can hack play store to get any paid apps for free. 

You may not believe it but yeah, it is absolutely true news. But google may patch this issue in their next update but it works in latest update 5.1.11. So use it as more as possible before google patches it. But how?

Ok, I am going to explain step wise. 
This hack was discovered by german hacker John Mathew. He has succesfully cracked UC Browser mini. According to the hacker, the main task that this app does is to send false information to google play store to download all the apps for free. 
Like other browsers, In UC browser mini , you can search apps on google and whenever you click on them you are redirected to playstore and you can download the app from playstore. 

But in case of Cracked UC Browser during the redirection process cracked UC Browser sends false information to google play store that you have already entered your credit or debit card number (which you actually didn't did),and you will be able to download the paid app freely from playstore. 

How To Use ?
1)Download Cracked UC Browser Mini from From Here

If you are using UC browser already, uninstall it first.

2)Open Cracked UC Browser app

3)Go to www.google.com and search the name of paid app which you want to download. It will appear in search result. 

For Example:- Search "Poweramp full version unlocker" and it will be seen as "Poweramp full version Unlocker-Android apps on Google play". Click on it then you will be redirected to play store. 
Playstore will be opened and select buy app.

Since cracked UC Browser has sent false information, you don't need to enter your card number instead it shows "Freecard xxx-5670" or something like this. If this is showing think that you are doing it right. I have done it on swiftkey keyboard app before it was made free to show you how it will appear. Look at screenshots below. After the freecard xxx-5670 code appears, select continue. Then a "payment succesfull" screen will appear and app will be downloaded. Enjoy!!!!!
Please share it and help your friends too.

Google may patch this anytime and I am not using it daily. So All I can say to you is Just use this as fast as possible, and If it works, keep going, else leave it. Thanks!!! 

[ This Cracked uc browser may be updated so that it may keep on working in later versions. ] 

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