How to Run Any Linux Operating Systems from PenDrive (USB Drive)

How to Mount the Linux OS From USB Device


1. Pen Drive with minimum space of 2GB
2. LiveBootable Disk Creator Applications

Steps to run Linux OS from Pen Drive

In this guide, we are going to use LiLi Live USB Creator. Download the LiLi Live USB creator and install it in your Windows computer. It is free and Open source software and also only 4MB.
Once you start the Application, you may notice the Interface of  Live USB creator is very user-friendly. The app shows all steps to create Live Linux Disk in a single interface with steps.
Step 1:  Connect you USD device in your computer and select the USN drive in the Applications using choose your key option. This app only works with Fat32 file system, so if you have NTFS Pen drive, just format it to Fat 32.
Step 2:  In the next step, you have to select your Linux Distro. There is 3 options available in this Live USB Creator.
  • You can choose already downloaded Linux Distro file (ISO,IMG,Zip). Once you choose the file, the Live USB Creator will check the file and give verification message.
  • You can choose the Linux CD. Insert the Linux CD in the DVD Drive and choose the same.
  • Also, you can download any Linux Distro from the download option. You can choose either Manual or Automatic option to download the Linux Distros. You have to select the download location in your computer.
Step 3: In Persistence step, you must define how much space should be kept free for your files and how it can be busy with the Linux distribution. The persistence allows you to keep your preferences and data even after reboot. If you don’t know how much to give to persistent data, give between 300 MB and 500 MB. If you intend to make a heavy usage of your Linux, choose more than 1 GB. Selecting 0 MB means no persistence, only live mode. Any change made in your Linux will be lost on reboot.
Step 4: In this step, you have 3 options. The Hide Created files option will hide all system files in the Pen drive. Next, the format option will erase all your data in USB drive. The third one “Enable Launching LinuxLive in Windows” will run the Linux OS in Windows
Step 5: Finally, Click the Lighting icon to create . Now, the app will verify all the steps and will extract the ISO file in your Pen drive and make the bootable LiveUSB Linux Disk.
Now, you can boot the Linux Operating system using USB disk option when your computer starts. If you use the Persistent mode, the changes you have made in the Linux will also available in the next reboot. Now, you can use this as a portable Operating system with your files and settings.
Download LiLi LinuxLive USB Creator (Supports Widnows 7, Windows 8, XP)

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