How To Trace An Email Address Without Using Email Header In Gmail

How To Trace An Email Address In Gmail

How To Trace An Email Address In Gmail

If the sender’s email address is an,, or an then you can trace the email sender location in Gmail by tracking the IP address of the sender. How? Just open the message in and click “Show original” in “More” menu (as shown below).
View Email Header In Gmail
It will show the “Full Source” which looks like…
View Email Header In Gmail
As you can see it shows the IP address of the sender. Now use an IP address tracer like to trace or locate that IP address.
If you’re unable to find the IP address from the email header then you can try Email Tracewhich is an email tracking service by Just copy-paste the email header (till the “Subject”) and it will Track Email Sender for you (It works only if the sender is @hotmail, @yahoo, @live, @aol etc.).

How To Find Email Sender Location Without Using IP In Gmail

If the sender is @gmail then you can find the approximate location of the email sender by enabling the Gmail Lab feature “Sender Time Zone”. Go to Gmail Labs and then enable the lab feature “Sender Time Zone”.
Gmail Labs: Sender Time Zone
The real purpose of “Sender Time Zone” is to determine whether the recipient is reachable or not. It shows a green or red phone icon next to the name. If the recipient is reachable (between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM in the sender’s local time zone) then it shows a green icon otherwise it shows a red icon.
Sender Time Zone
So you can find the location of the Sender by using his Time Zone. But still you can’t find his/her exact location.

Trace Email Address & Sender Location Using Facebook

You can use Facebook to do a reverse email ID search to see if there is a Facebook profile associated with the sender’s email ID. Open Facebook and enter “” in the search box and click “Search”.
If there is a profile associated with that email ID then Facebook will show it for you. As you probably know Facebook has over 850 million users so most probably you’ll be able to find a matching profile with that email ID.

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