Idea New Working Unlimited 3G Vpn Trick For Mobile/Pc Users 2016

How to use Idea free 3g internet UDP trick 2016 for PC:

1) Download and Registration PD-Proxy                              
2) and follow below steps
3) Open PD-Proxy then Open setting icon in menu bar
4) Now click on it and go to advanced setting
5) THEN ADD UDP Port as 53895 or 48412  or 55188
6) Now go to user name and password tab
7) Fill username and Password
8) Connect PD PROXY
How to Activate Idea Free 3G internet Using UDP Port Trick In Android Phone:
1) First Download This Droid Vpn Download Here
2) Now go to setting and set UDP Port 53895 or 48412  or 55188
3) NOW Connect
NOTE – If Error give in Server full then select any free Server.

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