Set Free CallerTune For All Network With Wring App

Steps to activate free caller tune:
In order to activate the free caller tune on your or your friends number Just download the Wring app from the Playstore,after successfully downloading the app open it and register for your account using the respective details,once successfully register,enter the app,you see see two option:-
a)Call me tunes > > Friends
b)Call me tunes > > Juke box
The first option will set caller tunes for your friend’s number that will get played when you call them,this doesn’t requires them to install the app,
While the second option sets a caller tune on your number that will be played when your friends call you,this requires your friends to download the app.

The other options Consist of Disabling the app,editing your details,making a test call,settings and help guide,you can locate all of these options under the home screen in various tabs at the bottom of the screen,click on the respective options to deal with them.

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