Tutorial To spoof MAC address By Macchanger in Kali Linux

     MAC Address Spoofing:
MAC addresses are a unique identifier associated to every network interface, wired or wireless. They are used to identify devices on a physical network.
MAC spoofing is the technique to effectively change the MAC address that your network interface appears to have.Macchanger is a tool included with Kali Linux and can change the MAC address to any desired address until the next reboot. Changing MAC address is not a simple task if we consider doing it in any other operating systems. But in Kali Linux we can use Macchanger tool to do so.
Our first task is to take down the network adapter for the network. To do so we can use the command:
  • ifconfig wlan1 down
Replace wlan1 with your own network adapter.
Then we need to change the MAC address or replace the MAC address with some random MAC address by using the command:
  • macchanger -r wlan1
MAC Address spoofing with macchanger
As shown on the screenshot, Macchanger will show you the permanent, current and changed MAC address. The permanent MAC Address will be restored to your network adapter after reboot or you can reset your network adapters MAC address manually. Use the following command to restore the permanent MAC address to your network adapter manually:
  • macchanger –permanent wlan1
You can also spoof a particular MAC address using the following command:
  • macchanger -m [Spoofing MAC Address] wlan1
  • macchanger -m XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX wlan1
If you receive the following error you need to take down the network interface first before changing the MAC Address (Command: ifconfig wlan1 down):
  • ERROR: Can’t change MAC: interface up or not permission: Cannot assign requested address
Use the following command to bring up your network adapter with the new MAC address:
  • ifconfig wlan1 up
Now in the ending we can use the following command to show the current MAC address:
  • macchanger –show wlan1

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