Airtel New Working 2 Sim Unblocking Methods / Guides To Avoid Sim Blocking [February 2016]

Hello Guys Today i share a trick to unblock your airtel sim. for using free internet. today I give you best methods to unblock your airtel sim. so guys follow all steps carefully to unblock your airtel sim in February 2016 free.

guys this time we are using free internet in our airtel sim. but sometimes we not get udp (airtel unlimited tricks). Then you can use there tricks and cross the limits of free hosts. Then airtel block your sim for using free hosts. but don't worry, this is not for long time.

airtel SIM unblock trick March 2016

First Method to Unblock Your Airtel Sim in
February 2016

1- First of all maintain your main balance up to RS.10 .
2- Then open your browser and open this link
3- Then click on fun unlimited. and click on video store 1 time.
4- Now you need to select data packs on navigation.
5- Then activate RS.5 Internet Pack. (but it not active).
6- Now guys continue browsing on and don't close your browser. until your balance becomes RS.0
7- After until your balance becomes RS.0 now omen any free homepage like -, . etc...
8- Yup your sim unblocked successfully

2nd Method to Unblock Your Airtel Sim in
February 2016

1- You need to take loan for unblock your airtel sim.
(Dial *567*10# on your airtel sim you can also get loan on calling 52141)
2- After take Rs.10 loan then dial *121# and select Data service >> Airtel Zone. and finally select Video pack.
3- Now airtel send you a message with link
( ).
4- Now try to open this link on 5-6 times.
5- Then browse and take balance 0.
6- Now remove your airtel sim from your phone for 1 day.
7- After 24Hr your airtel sim unblock

Guides & Methods To Avoid SIM Blocking Issues
  • Don't Download More Than 50mb in A single session While Using Opera, [Pause & Disconnect/Re-connect On Every 50mb]

  • Use with small 2G/3G plan:
    Do activate any small 2G/3G plan for Airtel. Call to
    your customer care and ask them for small 2G/3G
    recharge for your area and recharge it with the same.

  • Don't use too much data in one session:
    Try to use in frequent way. Do not go for big files. Just
    disconnect GPRS before 50 to 70 MB usage

  • Change proxy after disconnect net:
    disconnect net before 50-70MB. Change proxy &
    connect net after 15-20 minutes.

  • Don''t Use Same Proxy:
    After download 50-70MB from one proxy. Don''t use
    the proxy again in the same day. Use another proxy.

  • Avoid large files download:
    Don't go for downloading large files more then 250MB,
    always download small files.

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