Airtel New Working TCP-VPN 3G Trick For Pc Users With Pd-proxy [March 2016]

Requirements :
  • Airtel 3G Enabled Sim Card.
  • Maintain 0 Balance in your Sim Card.
  • To get Full 3G Speed Recharge with some small 3G pack.

Steps To Use:-

  • First of all download and signup on PD-Proxy.
  • Then install and open pd proxy on your pc or laptop.

  • Now go to settings>>Advanced Settings , then click on parent proxy

  • Now tick on enable parent proxy and enter below details :-

  • PROXY: [High-Speed]

  • PORT   : 3128

  • Now click on headers and add the below given details :-
  • Now save the settings and go back to pd proxy main page.
  • Then connect pd proxy using any server.
  • Thats all! You are done with this trick. Speed may Vary from state to state and of'course it is damn slow.

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