Easy Method To Restart Hanged Android Without Removing Battery

Smartphone hang problem is very common these days. But, sometimes it is almost impossible to revive your smartphone to its original condition. Well, if you face this very similar problem of hang mobile phone. Then, today I will tell you a trick to restart hanged mobile phone

Restart Hanged Android or iPhone without removing the Battery

Yes! It is possible to reboot your hang android or iPhone even if your smartphone is not responding.
Tap on Volume up + Power key + Home Key for few seconds
In several smartphone there is no home screen key is present. In that case, tap onVolume up + Volume Down + Power key for few seconds. Tap on these keys and wait for few seconds and you will see your phone reboot.
It is a safe method to restart hanged android or iPhone. If still it is not responding to any commands then, wait till the battery reaches zero and it switch off the smartphone automatically.

Why Android or iPhone hang?

  • There are several reasons which make smartphone hang. I would personally recommend you to close all applications. There are plenty of applications which are opened back screen and taking a large chunk of your battery and ram. I would suggest you to keep closing applications rather than, exit.
  • Keep your battery level to 30%+ which make smartphone work well. It provides good battery backup for a smartphone to work on applications.
  • Reboot your mobile phone once a day. When you reboot your smartphone it closes all applications and makes the phone better in working.

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