Freedom 251 Mobile Is Fake [Here I Explain The Real Motive Of Freedom251]

Statistics of phone freedom251.

291rs per phone. (251+40rs shipping)
x 6L order per second = 17.46 cr

It was taking order till 12.15pm approx
I.e 6 hrs and 15 min which is 22,500 seconds

17.46 cr per sec x 22,500 sec 
3,92,850 cr

3,88,494 cr was turnover of reliance industries in year 2014-15

That means within 6 hrs 15min they crossed turnover of reliance

Within 6 second tax audit become applicable to that company

And if we calculate interest on the said amount per day

3,92,850 cr x 4% x 1/365 (by taking minimum interest rate) 
43.05 cr

And if after 4 months they will say we are unable to give product and refund 291rs to everyone
43.05 cr x 120 days approx 
 5,166 cr 

They will earn within 4 months by way of interest

Now you will say about their promotion cost

Deduct 50L,1 cr, 5 cr or even 50 cr, that will not make much difference to the figure

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