Hidden Tricks To Increase uTorrent Downloading Speed

Starting from High quality movies, eBooks, mp3 audios, games and most of the software now arrive first on uTorrent sites because of download quality and better usability. Hence, a less downloading speed can be a really annoying one. There are some tricks by which you can increase uTorrent Download speed in a successful manner.

1. Disable Firewall – This is one of the easiest tricks to increase uTorrent download speedby just disabling the windows firewall or just make it a point to turn ON the firewall exception. This will surely boost up the speed of uTorrent.

how to increase speed of utorrent

2. Save Port – It is very important to get the perfect port so that you can increase speed of uTorrent download. For this, you need to go to uTorrent options and then choose preferences.
Choose connection from a list of preferences that will appear in a new window. Then a small window will appear. Choose any one port, but make sure that the randomized port each start should remain unchecked. This will certainly helps in achieving your goal to enhance the download speed of uTorrent.

save port to increase utorrent download speed

3. Hide your work from ISP – This may seem too tough right? It is a fact that many times ISP block any download from uTorrent and this poses a serious problem. You can use a connection encryption service like BTGuard for hiding from your ISP. Of course, this comes with a price tag but then allows you to download your files at a rapid speed. The set up process of BTGuard is quite an easy one. To do manual configuration, you need to open an account at BTGuard and then go to your torrent client and click Options. Then select preferences and finally connection. In this window, you need to feed the information about BTGuard like done in the below figure.
This is an excellent way to speed up the uTorrent download.
There are some terms like seeder and leecher that are quite common and you must have heard about these while on a torrent network. It is better not to become a leecher as they don’t have complete file and yet have joined the network for getting it. This can decrease your uTorrent downloading speed and must be avoided to boost up the speed.

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