How To Hack NetGear/Belkin Wifi Router Passwords [Simple Method]

Router or simply wifi router is a device that functions up to provide wireless access to the internet or any private computer internet.The router devices also provide security to the access of usage of internet by using user Id and password.One can get the access to the device by hacking the router password.Here in this article I will show you how you can hack the password of Netgear/Belkin wifi router on your android devices by following some simple steps that are given below.

How to Hack Netgear Router Wifi Password
1. First of all go to the Google play store on your android device.See this steps are for android devices only and if you have the one then only you could hack up the router password.

2. In the Google play store go to the search option on the above of your screen and then search for the app Netgear Genie.After you find it in the play store install it on your device.
3. Then open up the app and tap on the wireless settings option inside the app.This will take you to the network selection screen.From there select up the wifi network you want to hack.
4. After selecting the network you want to hack you will see the login screen that will show up on the screen of your device.The app will automatically provide up the password to the selected wifi network password you has to just login with that password.
5. Tap on the Login button on the screen and you shall be connected with the network.You shall now be able to use up the network from the selected wifi network.
6. You can also change up the password of the network as the application provides up the option to change the password.You can now change the password of the router and succesfully hack it for further use.
How To Hack Belkin Router Wifi Password:
Download the program oclhashcat-plus from the internet.This program works by tying random passwords at a very high speed and find out the real one.This program can try 131,000 passwords per second on high end GPU.As the router passwords area made up of eight digits this app tries up about every probable password that it could have and after it finds out the real password it shows you that password.
.Search for the available wifi networks and from the list choose up the network you want to hack.Now the login screen will show up on the screen. On the login screen of wifi network you want to hack enter in the password option space.
.After that open open up the oclhashcat-plus program and click on find password button.It shall now start the process of finding the exact password.After some time the password that the program has found will be shown on your screen.Try up that password in the login screen at the password option.
You are done now click on the login button and you will be connected to the network. This program was tested on Belkin Surf n150 Model F7D1301v1 and worked for me.

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